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  John Jones - Llanfyllin workhouse

John Jones, who was listed in the 1891 census for Llanfyllin Photo of workhouse inmateworkhouse, was probably taken there because there was nobody to look after him. He would have been taken to the sick ward and given basic medical attention.
Being 76, he probably spent the rest of his life in the workhouse.

The reference to John Jones shown below is taken from the official records of the workhouse...

Delirium tremens - a kind of temporary madness which includes shaking violently, usually caused by drinking too much alcohol.
  Entry from workhouse records

This entry is not easy to read, but it says:
"John Jones, Workhouse. The Master reported that he had to employ a person to attend to this man for a few days, the pauper suffering from delerium tremens and having become very violent."

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