Newtown and district
Victorian views
  Broad Street, Newtown in 1880  

The view shown on this page is a photograph taken in 1880 from the Long Bridge in Newtown. It is looking south along Broad Street, which looks to be well named from this picture.
The photograph clearly shows how the Long Bridge had been widened in 1857 to make room for people crossing the river on foot as well as for horse-drawn carriages and carts. There is more about the widening of the bridge on another page in this series.

Broad Street
in 1880
Broad Street, 1880

The first building on the left over the Long Bridge was the Elephant and Castle Hotel with its porch supported on pillars.
The large white building at the far end of Broad Street was Royal Cambrian House at The Cross, which was a successful drapery business where Pryce Jones started to learn the trade as an apprentice in 1846.
This view down Broad Street was to change when this building was taken down and replaced by the large clock tower which was part of the new building at the Cross. It was started in 1898 to mark Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, and opened in 1900.

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