Newtown and district
Victorian views
  The Long Bridge gets wider !  

Another view of the Long Bridge over the River Severn at Newtown is shown on this page. The date of this photograph is uncertain, but it was probably taken around 1902, shortly after the end of Queen Victoria's reign.
The extra cast-iron arches and supporting struts which were attached to both sides of the original stone bridge in 1857 can be seen clearly in this view. It was sometimes called the iron bridge after the metalwork was added.

Long Bridge
around 1902
Long Bridge, Newtown
The chapel seen on the north side of the Long Bridge was opened in 1879 as the English Calvinistic Methodist church.

The metal railings along the sides of the bridge replaced the original stone parapets which could be seen in the 1846 engraving of the Long Bridge shown on another page.
It looks as if a lot of the boys from the district were keen to be in the picture. Perhaps they should have been at school, since there were always lots of empty desks, as you can see from many of the the school pages on this website !

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