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  Important local events, and occasionally national events, are sometimes mentioned in school Log Books - often because they mean a holiday for the children !
A good example is shown here from the records of Llanllwchaearn School in 1879. This marked the official opening of the huge new Royal Welsh Warehouse (right) built in Newtown for Mr Pryce Jones, a wealthy local businessman. He had started the world's first mail order company in 1859, owned local woollen mills and a laundry, and operated the huge new building as an early department store.
Royal Welsh Warehouse
29th September

29th September - "A large fair occurring on Tuesday the children had a whole holiday. On Friday afternoon a half holiday was given in consequence of the opening of Mr Pryce Jones Warehouse, and a "Club Feast".

The Log Book of Newtown National School recorded another major event for the town eleven years earlier, in 1868. This was the opening of the new Montgomeryshire Infirmary, seen in the photograph on the right...

Montgomeryshire Infirmary
2nd March
School diary entry

March 2nd - "Rejoicings in town in connection with the opening of the Infirmary. Children join in the procession and march to Public Rooms. Each child presented with a bun and an orange".

The local children were probably hoping that more fine new buildings would be completed in Newtown if they got a holiday, a bun, and an orange !

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