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Llanfair and district
Earning a living
  The tradesmen: grocer to joiner  

extract from Pigot's directoryThe grocers, drapers and dealers in sundries includes most of the shopkeepers in the town.

A draper was a man or woman who sold cloth. This was important at a time when a great many people made or repaired their own clothes.
Notice too, how many shopkeepers did not stick to one kind of produce but sold many different kinds. Cadwallader Humphreys was a grocer, iron monger and druggist!

Inns were particularly important at a time when travelling was mainly by horse or coach.
Many journeys would take longer than a day and the travellers would need to stay overnight somewhere.


Don't forget!
The surnames are first
  The Goat InnThe Goat Inn (left) was one of the main inns in Llanfair. From here travellers could catch a coach to Shrewsbury or the Welsh coast, or send a package by a local carrier.  
  More local tradesmen...


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