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Llanfair and district
  Transporting goods around the area  
  In Victorian times the Royal Mail delivered letters to your door as they do today but they did not carry goods. The coaches would often take small parcels for a charge, but most of the carrying of goods was done by local firms of carriers who would charge a fee for taking goods in their carts.
Pigot's Directory tells us who the local carriers were around Llanfair at the very beginning of Queen Victoria's reign.
carriers of Llanfair in 1835These are the local carriers listed for the area in the Directory. Notice that two of the carriers - Anne Davies and Mary Owen - were women. They may have driven the carts themselves or hired a driver to do it for them. Later in the Victorian period, as the railways were built, the carriers would have taken goods to the nearest railway station where they could be sent on by train

Local farmers or tradesmen would also often hire out their carts when they were not in use. Poorer people would borrow a cart from relatives or friends. When it became time to move house poorer families could often get all their belongings on one small cart.
It was also common to see families in the towns carrying their belongings on their heads through the streets to their new homes.

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