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Llandrindod and district
in Victorian times
  The park without the trees !  

This is a remarkable wide-angle view across the very bare looking Rock Park in Llandrindod Wells, thought to have been taken at the early date of 1876. Compare this picture with the similar view taken around 1895 on another page !
The row of tall new buildings on the right is Norton Terrace, the road which led down from Park Crescent and High Street to the Rock House Hotel. This can be seen beyond the trees on the left of the picture.

Rock Park
and Norton

in 1876
Rock Park around 1876

The building nearest the camera was the original Pump House, which had been newly erected at the time of this picture. You can see it from the front (after the newly planted trees have grown a bit more !) in an old engraving in the 'Taking the waters' section of this website.
The Rock Park was being planted with large numbers of new trees of many varieties around this date, and today the whole park is very heavily wooded. You can no longer see Norton Terrace because of the trees, and you can no longer see the Rock House Hotel because it was recently demolished !

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