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Knighton and district
The Union Workhouse
  Spending less to help the poor  

For many years money raised by the local Poor Rate, collected from the people of the parish, was used to support the poorest people of the district, including the old and the sick. The money helped them to stay in their own homes or in lodgings, and this system of caring for the poor was called 'Outdoor Relief'.
But there were many complaints about the cost of the Workhouse inmatespoor rate, and wealthy landowners were among those demanding a cheaper way of dealing with the poor.
This came with a new Act of Parliament in 1834 which forced parishes to combine together into Poor Law Unions and build large workhouses for the whole area. These were almost like prisons, with bare walls, hard beds, and little food. Family members were split up and could not meet as long as they were in the workhouse. In the early years of the new workhouses people were terrified of being sent there - and who could blame them ?
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The early Victorian records of Knighton workhouse have not survived.
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Knighton Union workhouse
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