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  The kind and thoughtful Nurse Jetsum  

This entry from the 1902 records of the Knighton Union meetings of the Guardians at the workhouse is another example of the much gentler treatment of the unfortunate people in the workhouse by this date...

7th August
Minute book entry

Taken from the official Minute Book, the entry reads -
7th August - Appointment of Nurse
"The Clerk read a Letter from Dr Graves, the workhouse Medical Officer, in which he stated that Nurse Jetsum had been in the workhouse for three weeks on probation. He had had every opportunity of watching her work and character and had no hesitation in saying she was satisfactory as a nurse in every way. She was kind and thoughtful with the old people and was quite well qualified to look after the class of cases they got in the house".

There are many references in the surviving records of other workhouses from the 1830s, 1840s and later years to inmates being flogged for bad behaviour, being locked up with only bread and water, and having their heads clamped to stop them talking. The authorities did not try to find kind and thoughtful staff for the workhouses in those days !

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