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  Treats to celebrate the Coronation  

The food and living conditions in the large Poor Law Union workhouses were terrible for many years. In most cases the only extra treats were provided on Christmas Day, when a slightly better meal was given to the inmates.
This is another entry from the official Minute Book which records meetings held at Knighton workhouse in 1902. By this date things had improved for the unfortunate people living there, and treats and presents had become less rare. This entry refers to special treatment to mark the coronation of King Edward VII, (right) after the death of Queen Victoria...

King Edward VII
12th June
Minute book entry
Drawing by
Rob Davies
This entry from the Minute Book reads -
Coronation of His Majesty the King"
"Mr Bache in pursuance of notice proposed that each adult pauper do have an extra grant of a shilling and each child sixpence with which to commemorate the coronation of the King, and also that the Inmates of the workhouse do have an addition to the dietary on that day in the discretion of the workhouse master, and it was unanimously resolved that the motion be agreed to".
Workhouse treats.

Mr Bache was one of the members of the Board of Guardians who made decisions about people who were being supported from the Poor Rate inside and outside the workhouse. The agreed to extra money for all paupers and "an addition to the dietary" for people living in the workhouse. This would mean extra food treats such as cakes and better main meals on the chosen day.
"In the discretion of the workhouse master" means that he would be asked to choose the extra treats for the inmates.

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