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Knighton and district
Some Victorian maps
  Stanage around 1900  

The map below was made around 1900 at the same scale as the 1833 map. By comparing the two we can see that the area did not change dramatically during Victoria's reign, but that there were some changes.

  At the top of the map we can see the railway in the Teme valley connecting the area with the wider railway network and greatly improving transport and travel opportunities. The nearest station was at Bucknell, just over the border.  

There has been more tree planting since the beginning of Queen Victoria's reign. At Stanage, Park Bank now has a wood on it and there has been more planting near Green Farm.
At the bottom of the map Reeve's Hill Plantation is now Long Wood as the trees have grown to mature woodland. Victorian landowners were great tree planters and we still benefit from this today.

Compare with Stanage in 1833...


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