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Some Victorian maps
  Stanage in 1833  

Below is a small part of a larger map made by the surveyors of the Ordnance Survey in 1833 and sold in bookshops. It was made at a scale of 1 inch = 1 mile and we have enlarged it here.
The map gives us an idea of this part of the border at the beginning of Victoria's reign. The dotted line running along the top of the map and down the eastern side is the border with England.

Stanage in 1833
  The map shows the importance of Stanage Park in the community. The Park occupies a large portion of the parish and we can see the deer fence running round it. Many of the other farms marked here would have belonged to the Stanage estate.  

The 1841 census gives some idea of who was living and working here in these early Victorian years. Again we can see the importance of the Rogers family of Stanage. Many of those living nearby had a connection to the estate.
At Hendre to the west of Stanage lived William Passey who was a gamekeeper on the estate, and at Cave lived a coachman. In one of the lodges lived a gardener and his family. The great house itself had 7 servants living there to look after the family and their home.

Compare to Stanage around 1900...


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