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Knighton and district
Some Victorian maps
  Knighton in 1836 (and 1865!)  

In a way the map on this page lets us see Knighton at two different years on the same map !
It is a small part of a larger map made by the surveyors of the Ordnance Survey in 1836 and it was on sale in bookshops. When the railway opened in the 1860s the Ordnance Survey simply added the line to the earlier map.
The map gives us an idea of the town at the beginning of Victoria's reign.

  The shading on the map gives us a very clear idea of the shape of the landscape and the hill slopes.  
  1. Clearly visible on the map is Offa's Dyke. Knighton developed at this point to control the crossing over the Dyke, which was a border between England and Wales. There was also a bridge over the river here.  
  2. On the roads out of town we can see the tollgates (marked T.G) built by the Turnpike Trusts. Everyone other than those on foot would have to pay to get onto the next stretch of road.  
  Compare with Knighton in 1900...  

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