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  Heyope around 1840  

The map below is based on the tithe map of the 1840s and it gives us an idea of the hamlet of Heyope in the early Victorian period.
In English counties like Shropshire and Herefordshire settlement had been based around the village which grew slowly over the centuries. In Wales the pattern was of scattered houses and farms and this can be seen here. In the 1840s there is not really a village of Heyope at all.

(Note: The map was not drawn with north at the top but we have turned it round so that it is easier to compare with the later map.)


In Victorian times almost everyone had to pay tithes to the Church of England. At the beginning of the reign the tithe became a tax on your property. The maps were drawn to see what property everybody had
Heyope around 1840
  Despite the fact that Heyope was a tiny scattered community, it had its own crafts and services. Besides the farmers and farm workers, there were stonemasons and other craftsmen.
At the house known as the Corner were Martha Morgan (25) and her elderly parents. Her father Samuel Morgan still lived a hard life as a farm worker at 70. Martha made a living as a dressmaker and a young tailor lived and worked with them. There was also a dressmaker at Church House.
  Compare with Heyope in 1903...  

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