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  Builth in 1905  

The image below is taken from an Ordnance Survey map of 1905 at a scale of 6 inches = 1 mile. It gives us an excellent picture of Builth Wells at the end of Queen Victoria's reign. Again there have been important changes since the map of 1888. The spa town of Builth Wells was in its heyday at the time this map was made with many visitors coming each summer to take the waters and enjoy the town and its surrounding countryside.

  map of Builth in 1905
  1. The Gro has been developed further since 1888. A tree-lined path along the river has been made (see right), and a boating pavilion and landing stage built. North Road has been built with houses overlooking the river.  
  2. Two more schools have been built in Builth. Before this most children went to an elementary school as an infant and stayed until they were 13 and then left for work. By the end of Queen Victoria's reign the more able pupils could go on to the Intermediate School in North Road which is a secondary school like High School. Many poor families still could not afford this though.
The other new school is one for infants at the East end of town in the shadow of the old castle mound.
  3. A Cottage Hospital has been built in the town. It opened in 1897 and was paid for by wealthy local people who believed that poorer people should get some hospital care when they needed it.  
  4. In the large house called The Castle live a local solicitor and his family. At the time Queen Victoria died the solicitor's daughter Hilda Vaughan was just a young girl. She grew up to be a famous novelist writing about the local area.  

Compare with the map of Builth in 1840
Compare with the map of Builth in 1888

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