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  Builth in 1888  

The image below is taken from an Ordnance Survey map of 1888 at a scale of 6 inches = 1 mile. The town is still rather different to the modern Builth Wells but there have been important changes since the map of 1840. The tollgates have gone and travel on the roads is free for example. Some of these have been numbered on the map.

  Map of Builth in 1888
  1. The railway has come to Builth (even if Builth station is in Llanelwedd!). This connected the town and surrounding area with a great railway network which made travel across the country and the transporting of goods much easier. It also allowed Builth (and Llangamarch and Llanwrtyd) to attract visitors to take the mineral waters and develop as a spa town. (See pages on transport)  
  2. A school has been set up for the ordinary children of the town. This was very important as the children were taught to read and given other skills which meant there were better employment opportunities for them when they grew up. (See pages on school life).  
  3. Where in 1840 there was an empty square at the end of the bridge, the map here shows the new grand Market Hall which was built in 1877. This is now the Wyeside Arts Centre.  
  4. To the south of the town the Builth Poor Law Union has built a large new workhouse to house the poor of the district who could not support themselves. Here they were locked away until they had some means to earn money outside in the community. It was built in 1877 and demolished in 1941. (See pages on Care of the Poor)  
  5. The old water course which cut off the Gro from the town has been filled in and the Gro has become a park with a band stand. This is part of the towns efforts to attract new visitors to holiday there and take the waters. Notice also across the road to the South, The Strand has been built right through to High Street and the Strand Hall built.  

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Compare with the map of Builth in 1905

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