Brecon and district
  Transport in Victorian Breconshire  
  At the beginning of Queen Victoria's reign transport across Mid-Wales still depended on the horse.
The wealthy travelled in their own carriages and employed staff to drive them and look after the horses.
The less well off could pay to travel on the stage coaches.
Few working people could afford this, though. For them travelling meant walking !
Canalboats and wagons
  Despite the mountainous nature of Breconshire, the town of Brecon had good connections for carrying goods by means of the tramroad and the canal (both dependent on the horse), and this helped local industry and businesses.
By the end of Queen Victoria's reign, railways had connected the area with a wider world. Working people were just beginning to have the freedom and money to travel further, and the first motor cars came to Breconshire.
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The coach services
travelling the highways in all weathers
Brecon & Abergavenny Canal
Cheaper transport for heavy loads
The carriers
transporting goods around the area and beyond
The tramroad to England
an early horse-drawn railway
Steam trains come to Brecon
All lines lead to Brecon !


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