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The Enfield Clock Factory 6
Later years


A vital medical application
Another assembly arrangement during this later period was the instrument nicknamed "Pacemaker". which was a small square movement about 1.5 inches square and set in tiers utilised by the medical profession, as I understand it, for regulating heart beat. It appears that groups of these movements, of some 600 in the group, each with a function to perform, were utilised by the medical profession for the above purpose.
Enfield employees around the Christmas tree with gifts (1960's)  
1966 saw the advent of the Clock Service department from Colindale. This coincided with the removal of the travel alarm to the bonny banks.
  1968. The Kelvin Hughes Division arrives on site, the initial work being coil winding and impregnating and potting of transformers, together with the aerial assemblies. This continued until October 22nd, 1970 when the disastrous fire took place and the Kelvin Hughes works was transferred temporarily to the site formerly used by Engineering Homes Ltd. 

The period 1966-69 showed a run-down period on the manufacturing of strikes and chimes, together with a lessening of the watch case which culminated in the advent of the Vehicle Instrumentation Division in January 1969, the history of which can better be related by its younger Resident Manager.

Mr C.J. Prior-Clarke
Retired Assembly Superintendent
December 1992

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