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The "Tick-Tock"
The Enfield Clock Factory


The following pages by Mr C.J. Prior-Clarke outline the history and development of The Enfield Clock Factory, the sister establishment to the Anglo-Celtic Watch Company which shared its Ynyscedwyn location.
S. Smith and Sons Enfield Clock Factory, Gurnos Works, Ystradgynlais  Enfield Clock Co works 
  In July 1948, the centre reservation between the two factories was made ready for the receipt of stores etc. Mr F. Kienzler took up residence, employing two storemen (Jack Morgan and Rhys Evans).
First Enfield Factory. employees 1949  the first employees 
  On the 24th January 1949 the main part of the Enfield Factory opened for the assembly and part manufacture of the F3 striking clock. !949 saw the consolidation of manufacturing such as Autos., gear cutting, and machine shop operation, together with the introduction of bezel manufacture which incorporated plating and polishing and metal finishing techniques. 
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