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The Enfield Clock Factory 5


This was a period of development of the company's existing products. The travel alarm was firstly reduced in depth and known as the QTC. It was then further developed as a single wind alarm known as the QTD.
This period also saw the introduction of the Gasoset. An embryo form of gasoset was provided for us by the Brighton factory but this was extensively developed on the site by the late R.L. Smith, and was produced in good numbers and in many guises for a number of gas companies.

 Mr Ray Smith at a staff function in the 1950's.
(third row back, third from the right)

Ray Smith and staff
  During these nine years we also produced a number of mechanically operated electric time switches accommodating various sub-functions. The now defunct Pathe 10mm camera was manufactured on site. This camera was pushed out by the up-and-coming 8mm camera apparently is capable of using both sides of the film. 
  Also at this time was the famous - or perhaps infamous - "Fum-a-dor". This somewhat weird instrument produced a spray of sweet or ill smelling vapour into the room.
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