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Côr Meibion Ystradgynlais 7
1968 trip to Germany (continued)

  The Llais Llafur/South Wales Voice report continued
Comments of the German people were of a similar nature, "The best choir ever to visit Gelsenkirchen. " Not only did the choir bring honour to Ystradgynlais, but also to the whole of Wales.
It was regrettable that the conductor, Mr. Emlyn Morgan could not accompany the choir to Germany, but tribute is paid to his work in training the choir. He can feel assured that his labour was not in vain. Praise also to Mr. Daniel Morgan, deputy conductor, and Madam Myra JonesDavies for carrying out their duties admirably.
Some free time
for the choir in
Free time in Gelsenkirchen
  Civic reception
The Welsh guests received a civic reception, and were welcomed by Mr. Hubert Scharley, Lord Mayor of Gelsenkirchen, who said that another link in the chain of friendship had been forged. He thanked the visitors for helping to strengthen the contacts and friendships between the countries.
Councillor Idwal Borsden, wearing the Ystradgyrilais R.D.C. chairman's chain of office, thanked the Lord Mayor for a wonderful reception.
Mr. Alwyn Jones, chairman of the Ystradgynlais Choir, thanked the people of Gelsenkirchen for their wonderful hospitality, and also paid tribute to Mr. Selwyn Morris, choir organising secretary, for his work.
Herr Hubert Scharley, Lord Mayor of Gelsenkirchen with Hans Sasser and Idwal Borsden  Deep in discussion

At a farewell party at the Zoo-Terrasen, the chairman of Liederkranz Mannrchor 1899, Hert-Ilans Sasser, in a glowing speech,said: "All good things must come to an end. It is hard to believe that the time has come to say farewell. We, from the Leiderkranz, hope that we have succeeded in giving you an impression of our country.
"We hope the friendship between the two choirs will last for ever. Please convey our best regards to all the friends at home in Wales and especially to your conductor, Mr. Emlyn Morgan."
The party ended at four o'clock on the Saturday morning when the Welsh visitors and their German hosts sang several appropriate songs before boarding their coaches for the long journey home.
by Talfryn Phillips

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