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Côr Meibion Ystradgynlais 3
Memories of the London Weekend 1953



24th April, 1953
The journey to the London eisteddfod

The party left on Friday afternoon and the trip proved most enjoyable. A watchful eye was kept on the boys by doorkeepers William John and Sam, and woe betide any one who showed a tendency to stray from the "narrow path" for he was soon shepherded back to the fold. In this respect they were assisted by members of the ladies' auxiliary who came along to cheer the party on the road to victory and at the same time keep a watchful eye on their spouses.
A stop for supper was made at Witney, Oxfordshire, and here the townsfolk were taken aback by what they deemed was an apparition which turned out to be one of the ubiquitous "Dai's" in the party who, having adorned himself with a wig of unkempt hair, a false nose and specs addressed all and sundry in a weird dialect he had picked up somewhere on one of his previous travels. Such clowning, and of course some singing whiled away the,journey to the metropolis.
It was at Witney that one John, a member of the down bass section, demonstrated his ability to nose out good cafes, and the manageress and waitresses of a local hostelry found his charming manner so irresistible that they quickly provided the party with a satisfying meal.
While it was day the beauties of the lovely countryside were admired and appreciated, and when the outskirts of the city were reached the more notable landmarks were pointed out by those who knew the route.

24th & 25th April 1953
The Choir's unique accommodation in London
Having failed to secure hotel accommodation for the party as a whole, arrangements were made for them to stay at the Clapham deep shelters. Here was a new experience for most of the members and there was much amusement at the way in which some sought to adapt themselves to the prevailing conditions. Tasteful light refreshments were served at a canteen in the shelter; the only drawback being that husbands and wives had to part as the ladies were accommodated in a separate dormitory. There were touching scenes at the parting.

Emlyn Morgan &
Accompanist Myra
A wholesome breakfast was served in the shelter and enjoyed by all as husbands and wives had now been reunited, and if the first night was a trifle hectic to the dwellers in the deep, the company slept like innocent babes on Saturday night after having at the request of the shelter and canteen attendants and others staying there, sung a few songs and hymns. It will be many a day before the members of the party forget the intense pleasure their singing gave to one coloured boy and the amusing efforts of Doorkeeper William John to teach him Welsh words and phrases.
Conductor & accompanistSaturday morning and afternoon were spent in sight-seeing and shopping or doing a show. On Sunday morning a large number proceeded to the famed Petticoat Lane while others sought quieter haunts.
The journey home started from near the Marble Arch at 3.00 p.m. and most of the party were in their homes by 11.30 thoroughly pleased with themselves. Thus terminated a truly memorable occasion.
The members were appreciative of the guidance given by a member who had resided for some years in London, and of the courtesy of the bus drivers which was also a factor contributing to the victory. The smoothness with which the arrangements for the trip worked out was a tribute to the secretaries.

25th April 1953
The Competition: "Young conductor's triumph"
Mr. Emlyn Morgan led the Ystradgynlais and District Male Choir to another splendid triumph at the London Semi-National Eisteddfod held in the Central Hall, Westminster, on Saturday, 25th April.
Four choirs competed and the adjudicators, Dr. Albert C. Tysoe, St. Albans, and Mr. Dan Jones, Pontypridd, announced that they were in complete accord with regard to the adjudication which gave Ystradgynlais 94 marks, Rhymney 92, Scunthorpe 90, Manselton 88. The test-piece was "Nidaros" (Dan Protheroe).

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