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Côr Meibion Ystradgynlais 2
An accompanist remembers

  Atgofion Annwyl
Fifty years have passed since the formation of Côr Meibion Ystradgynlais, but the day Mr. Emlyn Morgan invited me to be the Choir's Accompanist seems like yesterday.
coat of arms My memories of 30 years spent with the Choir are a joy. I was afforded many opportunities which would normally have been out of my reach. Appearing with the Choir at the Royal Albert Hall and Westminster Hall, London, were experiences beyond description and I'm sure you can well imagine the thrill of accompanying world renowned artistes at the Choir's Annual Concerts. At each artiste's bidding I stood to receive audience applause. The applause and each artiste's acknowledgement never failed to give me a feeling of pleasure and musical achievement, and I thank Côr Meibion Ystradgynlais. The Choir not only offered opportunities, it created happiness. I saw the Choir grow in stature and number, I enjoyed the excitement of competition and the elation of winning. I will always remember the many characters amongst the choristers and often reflect upon incidents which allow me as much laughter today as yesteryear. These precious characters brought fun and humour into the Choir.
The choir's first
annual concert
in 1949 at
Welfare Hall
choir in 1949

I am proud that Côr Meibion Ystradgynlais has flourished over 50 years and I pay tribute to past Conductors and Deputy Conductors who made it all possible. I extend my best wishes fo continuing success to Mr. D. Leighton Jenkins, his Music Staff and every member of Côr Meibion Ystradgynlais.

Myra Jones-Davies
Choir Accompanist 1947-1978

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