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Upper Swansea Valley
Côr Meibion Ystradgynlais

For over half a century Côr Meibion Ystradgynlais - the Ystradgynlais male voice choir - has been at the heart of social and musical life in this Upper Swansea valley community. To celebrate the choir's 50th anniversary a special brochure was produced. The following pages were taken - with kind permission - from that volume.
Greetings from Sir John Thomas, President
It is a great privilege and pleasure to have been invited to add a few words.
Ystradgynlais has undergone profound social, industrial and economical change over the fifty years since the choir was founded in 1947. However, the cultural tradition and life of the community have been maintained and nurtured by the Côr Meibion Ystradgynlais over that period.
  Each concert given by the Choir embodies the diversity of that musical tradition. The choir takes us from opera to hymns from traditional folk to the popular modern with singing of such skill and enthusiasm. It is always a pleasure to be entertained by the guest artistes who themselves enjoy the singular atmosphere at each concert. These concerts make, therefore such a unique contribution to the real life of the community and enrich the lives of those privileged to listen. 
Music Director, Leighton Jenkins  Music DirectorWe have been fortunate beyond measure in having Leighton Jenkins as the choir's musical director; under his masterly and zestful conducting the achievement of the choir has been outstanding. The team that leads the choir has provided the financial and organisational ability that has made the choir's achievement possible.

I am sure that the next fifty years will see even greater change but there can be no doubt that Côr Meibion Ystradgynlais will continue to provide that continuity and richness which are the true heart of any community.

Yours sincerely,
J. R. Thomas

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