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The social life of the workforce
An extensive welfare programme was maintained at the works which covered Sickness Benefit Scheme, Pension Schemes, and a Social and Recreation Club, appropriately named the "Tick-Tock Social & Recreation Club". The Club House was situated on the Ynyscedwyn estate in beautiful surroundings of parkland. A Secretary and an executive committee organised the sporting activities, concerts etc. There was a large canteen which could accommodate over 800 people seated, and provide a three-course meal three times a day for each of the three seperate shifts. The canteen was also used for social functions.
"Tick-Tock" cricket team in the 1950's  Tick-Tock cricket team 
Health care
There was an up-to-date First Aid department with a full-time Nursing Sister in attendance. The department had a surgery and rest-room where infra-red heat treatment was available with a factory doctor in attendance every other day to give medical advice when required and to examine all potential employees. The medical services also included regular mass X-ray of all employees who wished to avail themselves of the service and facilities were annually given to the Blood Transfusion Organisation. Both of these were strongly supported.
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