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The Anglo-Celtic Watch Co. Ltd. 2
The factory

 Aerial photograph taken around 1953 showing factory No 1 (Anglo-Celtic Watch Co.Ltd) in the background, and Factory No 2 (S. Smith & Sons Enfield Clock Factory) in the foreground.

Aerial photograph of factoryThe factory was 100,000 sq. ft. in area and divided into two main sections; one for manufacturing, design and technical services, and the other for assembly. The assembly building was specially constructed to meet the particular conditions required for watch assembly and was air-conditioned. All employees changed into a special type of overall and shoes before they entered the assembly departments.


The maintenance of a high standard of cleanliness was essential, and a 24 hour cleaning shift was worked. The premises were mechanically scrubbed whilst the assembly was air-suction cleaned by mechanical means and the block floors highly polished.
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