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The story of Mary Morgan 4
Hanged at Gallows Lane


The death of Mary Morgan
Public executions always attracted large crowds, who would have watched the tragic figure beingPresteigne church taken by cart from the gaol to the site of her execution at Gallows Lane. She was supposedly put in a winding sheet with her hair hanging down in long tresses, and was barely conscious when taken down from the cart for her execution.
At noon on Saturday, 13th April she was hanged, and was buried in what was then unconsecrated ground near the church later that same afternoon.

A twist to the tale
Since her death there have been claims that the father of Mary's child was Walter Wilkins the Younger, the son of the MP for the county and the "young squire" of Maesllwch Castle .A further twist to the tale is that his was one of the names on the list of members of the jury at her trial.
The theory is no longer widely believed, and the father was probably one of her fellow servants at the castle. It is, however, thought that poor Mary was fully expecting him to use his position to intervene and save her life, which he clearly could have done. The realisation that he was not going to help her in her extreme distress must have come as a terrible shock.

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