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The story of Mary Morgan 3
Life in prison 

  Bread for a condemned prisoner
The incidental documents contained in the records of cases such as that of Mary Morgan can add a poignant human touch to the story, as in the example below.
Quarter Sessions extractThis is a bill presented at the Quarter Sessions by John Stanton, a baker in Presteigne, for the cost of bread supplied to prisoners in the gaol. The list of prisoners includes the name of Mary Morgan.
Epiphany 1805
Quarter Sessions extract 

County Archives

Quarter Sessions extract 
  Quarter Sessions extract 

The relevant portions of this account read as follows:
"Due to John Stanton for Bread Delivered to the Prisoners in the County Goal and House of Correction at Presteigne......
Mary Morgan from the 6th of Octobr 1804 to the 15th Jannry 1805
being 102 Days.....£1-5-6 "

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