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The story of Mary Morgan 2
The verdict


A verdict of guilty of murder
Mary was too ill to travel to Presteigne, where the Assizes were held, until the 6th of October. The document which can be seen on the next page illustrates a small detail of her life in prison at this time.
By the time of the start of the Session in April 1805 she had been locked up for almost six months, under the grim prison conditions of the day. By this time Mary had just turned 17 years of age. The fateful day in her short life was Thursday the 11th of April, the final day of her trial Portraiit of Judge Hardingebefore Judge Hardinge, when the jury found that she was guilty of the murder of her child.

The Judge's final address to Mary has been described as "consisting of pious platitude... without pity or understanding".

After the trial Mary Morgan was returned to the gaol at Presteigne, this time to the condemned cell. It has been claimed that a gentleman whoSignature of Judge Hardingewitnessed the trial immediately set off to London to seek a reprieve for Mary, but failed to get back in time to save her because his horse went lame. However, there does not seem to be any evidence to support this version of events.

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