From the Order Book of the Montgomeryshire Quarter Sessions Epiphany Session 1830

The King on the prosecution of DavidDavies_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ against The said Edward Edwards and Owen Parry and Richard Thomas late of the Parish of Newtown in the County of Montgomery Laborer

For Larceny

Jury say Guilty

Ordered that the prisoners be severally Transported beyond the seas to such place as his Majesty with the advice of his Privy Council shall direct for the term of seven years And inasmuch as the said Edward Edwards hath this day also been convicted of stealing Ten Gallons of Porter one barrel and two glass bottles the property of one Edward Edwards. It is further ordered that the said prisoner Edward Edwards be further Transported for two years to commence from the expiration of the said term of Seven years to which he is sentenced as above -

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