From the Order Books of the Montgomeryshire Quarter Sessions Midsummer Session 1830

The King on the prosecution of James Gill against Robert Bate and John Thomas late of the Parish of Llanfyllin in the County of Montgomery Labourers

For Larceny

Jury say Guilty

Ordered the prisoners be severally confined in the House of Correction for this County for the space of Fourteen Days and that on Thursday next they be conveyed to the Town of Llanfyllin and there in open Market between the hours of twelve at Noon and two in the afternoon stripped from the waist upwards and whipped by the Keeper of the said House of Correction until their Bodies be Bloody and afterwards conveyed back to the said House of Correction there to remain till the expiration of their said Imprisonment.

Facsimile of the entry for the case of Robert Bate and John Thomas

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