The anatomy of a case

On the 14th January 1830 three young men from Newtown were tried at the Montgomeryshire Quarter Sessions for the theft of sugar, and statements from them and others were presented in court. One of the men, Ned Edwards, was also tried for the theft of porter which was alleged to have occured at about the same time. What was said in the case and what the outcome was are noted in the records of the Quarter Sessions which are held in the County Archives Office in Llandrindod Wells. The records reveal much about Newtown at a time of change, and the individuals who lived through it.

In the Quarter Sessions there is information on -
The opening of the Session and who took part The evidence, the verdict and the sentence Records of other cases from the quarter sessions Both the Justices of the Peace and the Jurors were selected from a section of society which was limited by property qualifications

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