The examination of Owen Parry concerning the theft of sugar

From the Rolls of the Montgomeryshire Quarter Sessions For the Epiphany Session 1830:

Montgomeryshire. The Voluntary examination of Owen Parry taken before me George Arthur Evors Clerk one of his Majestys Justices of the Peace in and for the said County the 12th day of November 1829 -

Saith that about a month or five weeks ago I was sleeping in Edwards the Tinmanís Tallant, I got up about half past four oíclock next morning and came up to the Market Hall and I could see Edward Edwards and Richard Thomas standing near the lamp in the Cross and I saw them go into the shut leading to David Daviesís Warehouse and I went up see where they were going I went up the shut towards the Warehouse and met Richard Thomas and Edward Edwards coming out of the Warehouse with sugar in their Caps and and pockets when Ned saw me first he was going to strike me with a stick but Dick said "it is Owen" and then Ned did not strike me.

that Dick had a long hook with three or four links at it in his hand and they told me that it belonged to John Turner, we then went all three down Turnerís Lane towards Nancy Morrisís House and Edward Edwards put his arm throught the Window of her House and opened the door, I saw Nancy Morris come downstairs in her shift and I saw Ned give her something which I suppose was the sugar as he came out of the House with his Cap in which the sugar was when he entered, on his head, The Mail Coach was going out as we came from the Warehouse -- I then went to my work, on the Sunday following we all three eat the sugar in Edwardís the Tinmanís Tallant in some milk - a boy fetched us some milk and Ned gave him money to buy it - about a week after I went into Nancy Thomasís [sic] House and Ned was there who told Nancy that I knew all about the sugar, Nancy then said it was nearly all done and I said surely it is not done already it was enough to last Ďtill christmas, and she said indeed it was, Nancy then said I wish you would get some Tobacco to send for Richard (meaning her husband who was working at Mr Hallís Farm at Llanbadarn), Ned said there is no Tobacco in David Daviesís Warehouse and that Dick had told him that the Tobacco was in the cellar and that it was easy to get at it as there was only one lock -

The mark X of Owen Parry

Taken before me G.A. Evors

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Examination of "Ned" Edwards Concerning both thefts

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