The Examination of Edward "Ned" Edwards concerning the theft of both the sugar and the porter

From the Rolls of the Montgomeryshire Quarter Sessions For the Epiphany Session 1830:

The Examination of Edward Edwards taken before me G.A. Evors Clerk this 12 day of Nov 1829

Who saith that about five or six weeks ago on a Sunday night he and Owen Parry and R[ichar]d Thomas went over to the Brick Kiln in Penygloddfa to roast potatoes that someone approached the Kiln when they ran off and went to Edwards the Tinman's Hayloft

that they agreed when in the loft to rob Mr Edwards the Blacksmiths storehouse
that they remained there till the Town was quiet when this Examinant fetch'd a Mattock from Nancy Morris's House in the Church Lane
that they went to the storehouse and Owen Parry tried to [ease?] it through a slat
that he was too big to pass and Richard Thomas enter'd and with the Mattock which [he?] and Owen Parry handed to him burst the lock
that they then also enter'd and found two bottles one empty and the other full and a quarter barrel Port also full
that they carried the quarter barrel to, and hid it in, Mr Ellis's mixen
that they [returned?] in to Mr Edwards Hay loft with the two bottles having first drank the contents of the full one
that they hid the bottles in the loft and about a week afterwards broke them.

Edward Edwards
The Examination of Edward Edwards taken before me G.A. Evors Clerk this 12 day of Nov 1829

Who saith that about five weeks ago he Owen Parry and Richard Thomas were sitting in the Butchers benches opposite the Bears Head when the Mail was going off that Richard Thomas said that he had planned out a new plan which was to rob Mr David Davies's sugar warehouse
that they tried to get a hook from the Kings Head
that they fail'd and Richard Thomas said he knew where to get one
that Richard Thomas [----ed] to get the hook when Owen Parry got in the back and wrenched it out
that Richard Thomas went and forc'd the [other?] staple of the warehouse while this
Examinant and Owen Parry remained in the Penthouse
that Richard Thomas came and told them he had forced the staple
that he was told to replace it which he did as the day was fast approaching
that the next night [-------] [over?] and two o'clock he and the other two above mentioned went to the warehouse and stole a quantity of sugar which they carried away in their Pockets and Caps
that they went to Mr Edwards the Tinman's hayloft and eat a quantity of sugar
that at six o'clock this
Examinant and Owen Parry went to their work and at 8 o'clock this examinant called at Nancy Morris's and asked for some coffee and told them he had some sugar in his pocket
that on the Sunday following he Owen Parry and R[ichar]d Thomas sent Mr Humphreys of the Crown's son and young Oliver Edwards for some small beer which was brought there and sweetened with the sugar and drank

Edwd. Edwards

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