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Pigot & Co's Directory (North Wales) 1835
Flannel, and straw hats

  Some specialist trades
Most of the entries for Machynlleth in Pigot & Co's Trade Directory are what one would expect in a nineteenth century rural town. There are craftsmen providing all that was deemed necessary for rural and domestic life. Some of the entries, however, reflect the special nature of this corner of Montgomeryshire.

 Pigot & Co's
(North Wales)

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Although the flourishing Montgomeryshire flannel industry was centred to the east in the Severn valley around Llanidloes, Newtown and Welshpool, where transport links to wider markets were better, Machynlleth still had a share in the trade.
Similarly, the entries for lead merchants reflects the number of lead mines in this mountainous region, where miners extracted this valuable commodity in difficult and dangerous conditions. Lead was still vital to the production of pewter which was still in common use in the early nineteenth century.

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