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Pictures of Hay 2
David Cox (1783-1859)

  Teaching in Hereford
Another attractive landscape of Hay by the artist David Cox is shown below. He taught drawing at the Farnham Military College in 1813-14, during which time he published his Treatise on Landscape Painting and its Effect in Watercolours.
David Cox then spent the years 1814 to 1827 teaching drawing at a school in Hereford, during which period he became familiar with the beautiful landscape of the Wye Valley.
Photograph by
kind permission of
Eric Lewis Pugh
of Hay
Hay by David Cox, 1816 

The artist toured extensively in Britain and Europe, and spent much time painting in the Wye Valley in 1816 and in North Wales in 1818. Other areas in which he found attractive landscapes for his painting in the 1830's included Yorkshire and Derbyshire.
David Cox developed a growing interest in the changing effects upon the landscape of clouds, rain and light. Many of his works feature the everyday tasks of life in the countryside, as in the example above.
David Cox died in 1859.

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