Powys Digital History Project

Pictures of Hay 1
A distant view by David Cox (1783-1859)

  A view from England
An attractive early view of Hay, with the castle and the bridge over the River Wye as viewed from the north-east of the town, is reproduced here.
This is looking into Wales from the English side of the border, and Pen-y-fan on the Brecon Beacons can be seen in the distance, and Hay Bluff is on the left behind the town.
Photograph by
kind permission of
Eric Lewis Pugh
of Hay
Painting of Hay by David Cox 

This is reproduced from a painting by the artist David Cox, who was born in Birmingham in 1783. His career as an artist began as an apprentice to a painter of miniatures, and he later worked in the theatre preparing paint colours and painting scenery.
David Cox moved to London in 1804 where he met and was influenced in his work by prominent artists of the day.

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