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Hay Fire Brigade 2
A new fire engine,1901

  Wait till we catch the horses
An official uniformed fire brigade was formed in 1895, by which time the earlier problems with unreliable equipment were still present. The fire brigade did not have its own horses, and these had to be hired. Catching and harnessing the horses often caused serious delays in reaching fires.

The new Hay
fire engine, 1901

Photograph by
kind permission of
Eric Lewis Pugh
of Hay

New fire engine, 1901 

A new steam-operated pump, also named Firefly, was purchased in 1901 but it still had to be pulled by horses. There is a reference in the records of the Infants School in Hay to the children getting time off school to see the naming of the new fire engine. Local children can be seen on the left in the above photograph, probably taken on that occasion.

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