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The Fire Brigade

  The early days
The first mechanised fire appliance in Hay was obtained in about 1850. It was pulled by horses and the engine, with hand-operated water pumps, was christened 'Firefly'. It seems to have worked erratically over the years, and supplies of water for putting out fires were often insufficient, particularly in outlying areas.

"Firefly" passing
the Black Swan Inn
in Broad Street,
Hay c1890

Photograph by
kind permission of
Eric Lewis Pugh
of Hay

Hay fire engine c1890 

A handbill issued in October 1849 announced that
"any person sending for, or using, the Hay Parish Fire Engine will be charged as under:
For any distance not exceeding One Mile - 20 shillings per day.
For every Mile in addition - 5 shillings per day.
For the person appointed to take charge of it - 5 shillings per day.
For the Post Boy (if required) - 5 shillings per day.
And to pay for all repairs and damages incurred while out".

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