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Punishment of women 5
The burial of a baby 

  Birth and death in prison
Another glimpse of the harsh realities of the penal system of the 18th century is provided in this extract from the Quarter Sessions records. This refers to the burial of an illegitimate baby born to a female prisoner in Brecon County Gaol in 1773. Note that the expenses for the burial are to be paid to the female Keeper of the gaol, although most prisoners would be male. 

Quarter Sessions
Epiphany 1773

County Archives

Quarter Sessions extract

This extract from the Order Books of the Breconshire Quarter sessions reads as follows:
"It is Ordered that the sum of one pound fifteen shillings and six pence be paid Magdalen Williams for her trouble and expences for maintaining and Burying Moses a Bastard Child born in the Gaol." 

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