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Punishment of women 3
A newborn baby in prison 

  An infant on the breast
The entry from the Quarter Sessions on this page serves as a reminder that there were once very few reasons for sparing convicted felons from imprisonment.
At least it also hints at compassion in the reference to 'extraordinary support' for the unfortunate Mary John. 

Quarter Sessions
October 1805

County Archives

Quarter Sessions extract

The extract shown above, from the Order Book of the Breconshire Quarter Sessions, reads as follows:
"Brecon County Gaol-
Ordered that the sum of £1.7s.6d be paid Walter Watkins The Gaoler for extraordinary support provided for Mary John a Prisoner in the Gaol with an infant on the Breast for 11 Weeks at 2/6d per Week."

A similar example of a very young child in prison with her mother is shown on the following page.

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