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Punishment of women 4
An infant in the House of Correction 

  Support for mother and child
Another example taken from the records of the Quarter Sessions refers to a very young child incarcerated with her mother in prison in Brecon in 1771. As with the previous example, their plight was recognised with the granting of money to 'the Mistress of the House of Correction' to sustain them.

Quarter Sessions
Michaelmas 1771

County Archives

Quarter Sessions extract

This extract, from the Order Book of the Breconshire Quarter Sessions, reads as follows:
"House of Correction.
Margaret Gregory and a Female Infant of the Age of about three Months being Committed to the House of Correction and the said Margaret being unable to labour to support herself It is ordered that the County Treasurer do pay to the Mistress of the said House of Correction the sum of twelve shillings for the support of the said Margaret and her Child for Six Weeks being the Time of her Confinement together with two Shillings Costs of the Motion." 

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