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Welshpool and district
Turnpike roads
  Leighton Tollgate, Welshpool  

The system of making travellers pay for the use of the main turnpike roads between towns remained in use for much of the Victorian period. It was not until 1886 that almost all of the roads in Montgomeryshire became free of tolls.
When tollgates were in use they were usually located on the outskirts of town barring all the important routes in all directions.

Leighton Gate
Leighton Gate, Welshpool

The Leighton Gate, shown in this photograph, was to the east of Welshpool. It controlled the routes which crossed the River Severn and headed towards the border with Shropshire or south to Montgomery.
There is a notice on the side of the little toll-house which stated the official regulations for travellers using the road, and gave details of the tolls payable. The notice seen on a previous page (now in Powysland Museum, Welshpool)) was an earlier version of the sign from this tollgate.

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