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Turnpike roads
  Pay here to use the road  

Travellers had to pay to use turnpike roads, which were barred by tollgates. One of the gates on the outskirts of Welshpool at Ceunant is shown in the photograph, which was probably taken around 1875.
They were only opened by the gate-keepers on payment of a sum of money which depended on whether the road users were carriages, carts, horse riders or farm animals. The money raised by the tolls helped pay for the repair and improvement of the most important routes.

The Toll-gate notice shown below is one of many exhibits from the history of Montgomeryshire at the Powysland Museum in Welshpool.
The Museum is in an impressive converted warehouse next to the canal.

Tollgate and
at Ceunant

Toll notice
from Leighton
Gate in 1835
(far right)

Ceunant tollgate Tollgate sign

The toll notice from the Leighton Gate, shown above right, can be seen at Powysland Museum in Welshpool. The charges listed here in 1835 included one shilling for every score (20) of oxen, cows or cattle being driven past the gate.
There were other rates for carriages, carts, and pack-horses or mules, which were often used to carry goods slung over their backs.

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