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A break-in on the Shrewsbury road  

Four strangers on the road with odd accents must have been very noticable, and this was a time when people were very suspicious of strangers. The police set out to track down them down and question them.
The day after the theft at Mrs Davies' house in Welshpool, the four strangers from the midlands arrived at a lodging house in Shrewsbury. There they stayed overnight and said that they would be staying on for a while.
Susan Shaw ran the lodging house with her husband. She later told the authorities what happened and her statement was written down. She could not read or write so signed the statement with her mark...

Court paper  
  After breakfast the next day the strangers left two bundles of clothes with Susan and asked her to look after them while they went out. She noticed that one of the men who had arrived in shabby clothes, went out in a smart black top coat.
While they were out Police Constable Harper arrived and took the bundles away.
The Welshpool police had sent a message to him and he sprang into action ! He knew all the places where someone could sell or pawn clothes, and eventually tracked the four down to the Bell Inn where he arrested them.
They had several of the stolen items with them, and others were found at a pawn shop where they had taken them...
A shop where poor people could go to borrow money. They would have to leave some item with the pawn broker as a security. They would get their belongings back only when they had paid back the loan with interest. Pawn shops were identified by the sign outside the shop. (See left)

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