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Crime and punishment
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A break-in on the Shrewsbury road  
  The four strangers were brought to trial at the Quarter Sessions at Montgomery in April 1843 and found guilty.
The extract from the records below shows us the punishment they received.

It reads:
"Ordered that the prisoners John Hartel, John Bradbury and John Walden be severally transported beyond the seas to such parts as Her Majesty with the advice of her Privy Council shall direct for the term of fifteen years. And that the prisoner Eliza Paskins be imprisoned in the Common Gaol for this county and there kept at hard labour for twelve calender months".

This meant that the three men were sent to the penal colonies in Australia and almost certainly never came back.
Eliza Paskins would have found it very hard to stay out of the workhouse when she came out of prison. It was very hard to get a job in Victorian Britain if you were an ex-convict.

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