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Crime and punishment
  A break-in on the Shrewsbury road
  In the winter of 1843 a house on the edge of Welshpool was broken into and belongings stolen. The thieves were tracked to Shrewsbury and arrested. From there they were brought to Montgomery gaol to await trial. The list below gives their details. Feloniously - against the law, illegally
  As you can see, the four accused were from the midlands and must have been easy to track down. They are charged with stealing from the owner of the house Mrs Anne Davies and from Rev MacIntosh, who was the curate of Welshpool (assistant to the Vicar) and who lodged with Mrs Davies.
A number of witnesses were found by the police and their statements were recorded. From these we can piece together what happened on that winter evening.
Mrs Davies and Rev. MacIntosh set off for church leaving the servant Mary Davies to see to the fires and lock up. Mary left the church before the others to get back to the house and light the lamps. When she got to the house she saw that something was not right. A window had been forced open.

Mary went to the Pheasant Inn and gave the alarm. She came back with help and entered the house to find drawers open and items missing...

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