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  Guilsfield in 1901  

The image below is put together from a detailed Ordnance Survey maps made in 1901.
It gives us a picture of the community around the end of Queen Victoria's reign, and we can see that there have not been many changes in the area.

6" map of Guilsfield
  The school which was marked on the map in 1842 is still in operation. By the end of Queen Victoria's reign every child attended the local school and had an education.
(See the section on School life to find out more).
  The canal branch to Guilsfield was still open at this time, but traffic on it had fallen considerably since the local railway had opened.
Most goods were carried on the railway and then distributed around the area by cart. The Guilsfield wharf was still open though, and no doubt the bargemen had a well earned drink at the Navigation Inn after unloading.
Compare with Guilsfield in 1842...

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