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The Elan Valley dams
  Strict control of the worker's village  
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The workers village could only be reached by crossing a bridge over the River Elan. This made it much easier to keep Gatekeeper at Elan Bridge unwanted people out, and a 'bridge keeper' was employed to guard the bridge day and night.
His job was to check everyone crossing the bridge, and to inspect the loads of any horse-drawn vehicles. The authorities were very strict on alcoholic drink in the village, and this could only be bought under the firm rules of the official canteen.

Got any drink in there ?
  School staff at Elan VillageThe wooden buildings of the village included a little school for the children of the workers. The school staff, including a young 'pupil teacher', are seen here at the door of the school around 1896.
Sadly, the official Log Book of the school was later used as a scrapbook and it is now unreadable. It would have been a very fascinating record of a school with pupils who came from many different places !

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