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  A school high in the hills

The little school at Bwlch-y-sarnau was in a remote spot high in the hills to the north-east of Rhayader.
Although it was often very difficult for many of the children to get to the school in Victorian times, the school Inspectors found that the results obtained were usually very good.
This was part of a School Inspector's report from the school Log Book of September, 1874:

Aquitted - "aquitted themselves well" means performed well.
Creditable - good
8th September
School diary entry

"Bwlchysarnau School, Abyw [Abbey Cwmhir ?], Radnor
I am glad to find this school, situated as it is in a remote part of the country difficult of access, so well attended. The result of this regularity is that the children acquitted themselves in a creditable manner at examination...."

Although the Inspector was impressed with the numbers attending the school, Bwlch-y-sarnau had the same problems as most Victorian schools in getting children (called 'scholars' in most school diaries of the time) to turn up regularly.

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